Drug Traceability

The global pharmaceutical industry has recorded an estimated loss of $200 billion annually, due to the growing counterfeit drug market. Developing countries are the worst hit with about 10% to 30% sale of counterfeit drugs. This long-standing problem in the pharmaceutical supply chain is a grave matter of concern as the drug that was delivered doesn’t fulfill the promise of its ability to treat the patient in turn harming the user.

Key Challenges :
  • Absence of an integrated system of stakeholders across supply chain
  • No visibility to track authenticity of drugs
  • Inefficient methods for conducting recalls and returns processing
  • No trusted network
    Benefits of Snapper Blockchain Based Solution :
  • Drug Traceability through a transparent viewing system recording drug and supply chain data at every stage reducing the risk of deceit and fraud.
  • Open data access allowing drug authentication helping in visible findings of counterfeit drugs hovering in the market giving data integrity and transparency.