Fund raising through crowd funding by using crypto tokens has surpassed traditional early stage venture capital fund raising. It gives an option to general public to invest in a start-up with innovative ideas. Fundraising through crowd funding can be a low cost and can be completed very quickly at early stages Snapper has developed a fully secured Blockchain based crowd funding platform (ICO) for ERC20 tokens using latest technologies. We offer a broad range of features through our platform and help -

  • Businesses and startups to raise capital globally by issuing crypto tokens in a secured and safe environment.
  • Investors to have a full control of their investments while maintaining their identities.

  • Key Features

    Highly secured & hackproof

    Multi currencies

    Special management of institutional investors

    Multi level approvals

    Authorized access

    Full fledged KYC & identity management

    Real time display of balances

    Real time calculation of currency prices

    Flexibility of defining token prices based on fiat,crypto
    Referral bonus program

    Referral marketing program

    Buy & withdrawal limits

    Configurable set-ups


    Robust Architecture