Academic Certificate Authentication Platform

Background screening is a fairly new industry in India. As companies are getting increasingly picky about their employees it is an area with growing demands. At least 1/3rd of applications sent to companies have false or misleading information. Defrauding of documentation has caused many reputed organizations to lose an average of 6% of their human resources. Block Chain Technology can be used as a secured and transparent platform for quick checking and background verification, thereby reducing loses due to frauds.

Key Challenges:
  • Fraud documentation of certificates.
  • Loss to eminent companies due to false information about employees.
  • Lengthy and time-consuming process to access and verify academic records.
  • Benefits of Snapper Blockchain Based Solution :
  • Permanent and secure academic records
  • Effective deterrence to fake and forged certificates
  • Online, instant, and reliable verification of academic records
  • Access to authentic copy of educational certificates
  • Reduced cost, time, and efforts for verification